Oct 14, 2019 News

Troubled Team, Man City Predicted Will Not Be Able To Overtake Liverpool

Manchester City is expected to continue trailing Liverpool at the top of the Premier League standings for the next few months. The Reds clearly will not let go of their superiority easily.

Currently, after 8 matches, Liverpool are still comfortable sitting at the top with 24 points aka perfect victory. Man City tried to catch up, but lagged far enough with 16 points in second place.

Winning 8 points is a big advantage for Liverpool. The Premier League is so tight, the difference of 8 points could determine everything until the end of the season.

Therefore, Jurgen Klopp is believed to only need to make his team appear consistent.

Cannot Come Closer

One of the causes of Man City’s difficulties is the injury of Aymeric Laporte, which clearly reduces their defensive power. Man City are still strong in scoring matters, but their defenders are a bit careless.

Therefore, Premier Leaguet analyst Tony Cascarino believes the 8-point gap will be maintained, perhaps even widening. He could not imagine Liverpool weakening as the season progressed.

“Man City will be forced to follow Liverpool in the next few months because they find certain players injured which is a big loss,” Cascarino told talkSPORT .

“Man City must try to keep the difference at 8 points, because I can only imagine Liverpool widen that distance in the next few months, Man City can’t seem to get any closer.”

Different from Last Season

Actually this is not the first time Liverpool are far ahead of Man City. Last season, the Reds had a 7-point lead when it approached January and seemed to be going comfortably until the end of the season.

However, in the end it was Man City who came out as champions. Cascarino saw last season as a lesson, but he felt that this season would not be repeated.

“The current situation is not like last season. Last season it could run like that because Man City is a much better team. Unfortunately, this year they are not as good as last year, an injury case,” he said.

However, the quality of Liverpool will be proven when they visit the home of Manchester United right after the international break, Sunday (10/20/2019).