Oct 14, 2019 News

In Wenger’s eyes, Arsenal are still better than Real Madrid

Arsene Wenger believes he has made the best decision by rejecting a number of Real Madrid’s offers while he was still victorious with Arsenal . He is not sure clubs like Madrid are suitable for his coaching style.

Years ago, Wenger was known as one of the best coaches. He came to the Premier League to deal with Arsenal and immediately shook Manchester United’s dominance. How to introduce yourself extraordinary.

At that time, Wenger’s ability clearly attracted the interest of a number of European giants, one of them Real Madrid. Los Blancos turned out to have seduced Wenger more than once, which unfortunately was all rejected.

Feel Suitable

Wenger’s career might be much better if he wants to accept Madrid’s offer. Wenger does not need to bother to maintain the quality of Arsenal when the club focuses on building the stadium.

Even so, there is one strong reason Wenger refused Madrid. He always upholds his philosophy when training, so he is not sure Madrid is suitable for his coaching style.

“I felt that at that time I was at a club [Arsenal] that could meet my needs for work,” said Wenger to beIN Sports.

“So why do you have to change that to a situation that might be more victorious but not overly happy, where I don’t have much influence on [Real Madrid] clubs?”

Love Story with Arsenal

Based on that understanding, Wenger decided to stay at Arsenal. He may regret not being able to win many trophies, but at least he will always be remembered as one of the best coaches.

“So, I decided that I should continue to try to live my love story at Arsenal,” he concluded.

However, Wenger’s career should be appreciated. Not many coaches can last so long for the same club. Wenger may only lose to Sir Alex Ferguson.

Wenger can do all that because of one principle: love Arsenal.