Oct 14, 2019 News

Getting Ready, Barcelona Left by Lionel Messi in 2022?

Barcelona reportedly worried about the potential departure of Lionel Messi in three years. The president, Josep Maria Bartomeu, still tried hard to convince the team’s captain to hold on even longer.

Bartomeu has never covered up his efforts to defend Messi. He admitted Messi was free to leave Barca in 2020 because of a special clause in his contract. However, that does not mean Barca will let Messi go away.

According to Mundo Deportivo, the Barca leadership is trying to make Messi last as long as possible. Because, with the current conditions, the 32-year player contract will expire in 2021.

Messi last signed a contract two years ago and there are still no signs of a new contract.

Lifetime Contract

Bartomeu’s effort was contained in a lifetime contract offer for Messi. Previously, Barca had given this contract to the club legend, Andres Iniesta and Xavi.

The lifetime contract for Messi is the idea of ​​Bartomeu. He has kept it a secret for a long time, and now it has been submitted to the Barca leadership committee through the Grascar Grau figure.

Barca reportedly not in a hurry to tie Messi with a new contract. They believe the Argentine captain is still very happy in Catalonia, there is no reason to leave.

However, some Barca leaders voiced their doubts. Messi is loyal, but they are afraid Messi will leave the club in 2022.

Why 2022?

The reason is simple, some of these Barca officials have begun to doubt Messi’s commitment. Still according to Mundo Deportivo, they feel Messi just wants to stay at Barca until 2022 to make him ready to play for the Argentine national team at the World Cup in the same year.

Yes, Messi is eyeing his last appearance at the World Cup, and he believes Barca can help him. The reason is, when that time arrived Messi was 35 years old. The performance might not be as good as now.

Messi may still return home and play for local clubs in Argentina. However, he knows the level of the Argentine league is still below the level of Barcelona. Messi needs to maintain his best fitness.

Apart from these rumors, Messi obviously can’t play forever. He will leave Barcelona someday, which means Barca fans must be prepared.